Announcing the new global ITW Intranet, ITWconnect!

This internal web site provides a simple way for all current ITW employees to interact easily with Corporate resources and each other. Through collaboration, search functionality and knowledge sharing, we are able to leverage our Enterprise knowledge to better achieve our individual goals.

We are very excited about the opportunities to make all of our work more efficient through ITWconnect and hope you make use of this valuable tool in your business by registering for the site.

The site address is:

ITW alums Access to specific features of the site for former ITW employees is planned for 2010. Stay tuned!

*Note: ITWconnect is an internal website (intranet) that is available to current ITW employees at all ITW facilities. If you need access outside of an ITW facility, you will need to use VPN software. For support, please contact your local IT.